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Keeping Your Team Together
Centralize all of your employees' profiles in one cloud-based tool: TimeTec Profile and apply the data across all other TimeTec solutions, namely TimeTec TA, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec Patrol, TimeTec Hire and TimeTec Access.

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Add Fields to Your Profile
Create your own business's uniqueness
Safeguard Your Company's Confidential Matters
Different access levels, different viewing rights
Manage Organizational Hierarchy
No man is an island, connect your team effectively
Manage Other Solution Licenses
Variety of workforce management solutions, integrated.
Build Your Organization Structure
Keep your team together.

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IntroductionExciting news for TimeTec TA’s System Admins! When it comes to working hour calculations and payroll matters, we understand how it pays to be extra careful. This may even mean that as a control measure, you regularly require all...

Role of Line Managers in Absence Management

Who are line managers?As with many other terms used in business, this can be a commonly heard but not so clearly defined term. However, for our purpose, we’re referring to those who are supervising frontline workers on a daily basis so you can...