Tackles Gender Diversity Chart, Employment & Age Chart and more
FingerTec News | 05/09/2019
The corporate world is going toward diversity and inclusion because companies realize that by supporting and promoting the said culture, they are gaining benefits that go beyond the surface. Substantial studies have proven that diversity increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance, and better problem-solving abilities. Workforce with different backgrounds contributes to diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences to an organization. In turn, they help create organizations that are resilient and effective as compared to the ones that do not invest in diversity.

To further increase the acceptance and practice of diversity and inclusion, businesses have the power to change and contribute to this changing society by starting from within one's organization. Even though many are accepting that the concept of diversity and inclusion is good for business, many are still not doing it correctly or fail to put it into practice at all. According to Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba Group, “If you want your company to be successful, then you should hire female workers!”
Given this development, TimeTec is taking a step forward and introduce a tool for organizations to keep track of their diversity and inclusion effort and do it right. TimeTec Profile will be presenting a few charts to measure diversity and inclusion in your organization through TimeTec Profile, a cloud-based tool to unify all employee profiles on one platform. In August, TimeTec Profile will feature the gender diversity chart that tells you the percentages of different genders available in your organization. This chart is an indication of your organization's recruitment pattern, and you can start from there to adjust on the percentage as you move forward.

Not only on gender, but TimeTec Profile is also going to feature Employment as well as Age Chart in the next two months for an organization to use in gauging their diversity level. The Employment chart presents the turnover rate/pattern of your company and the Age chart provides an idea of the age groups that your organization prefers.
TimeTec Profile is keeping all your team players in one place, and via this solution, data are flowed into various workforce solutions such as TimeTec TA for attendance, TimeTec Leave for leave management, TimeTec Patrol for the guard patrolling, TimeTec Hire for recruitment and TimeTec Access for door access. Effortlessly TimeTec Profile ushers the workforce management into the future by allowing companies to input all their staff's information into a cloud-based solution that is secure and have multi-level access.